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MARA Cares, highlights of our service:

Community Service and Leadership


MARA supports clubs, schools and others through Amateur Radio Activities.

 Boy Scouts of America through education, events and demonstrations.

Community Service by providing access to needed equipment supporting emergency and local weather monitoring.

Assisting with Amateur events at local schools events such as contacting the International Space Station (ISS).

Support Fellow Amateur Operators and Clubs


Providing the Amateur community with access to 2m, 1.5cm and 70cm repeaters.

Assisting with Amateur events at local festivals. 

Providing information and training to club members on the latest trends in Amateur Radio trends in technology, service and information. 

Support National Organization:

ARRL - Amateur Radio Relay League 

Local and National Emergency Preparations.

MARA members and the club actively support local and national emergency preparation events.  These include:

Local emergency preparedness events such as Field Day, local nets and training. 

Amateur Radio Emergency Service  (ARES)​ activities and events.

Hospital Amateur Radio Network (HARN) preparations. 

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